November 18, 2007

Maize Quest...Fall FUN!! :D

On a beautiful fall Saturday, Mom and I took the kids to the "country" to take on the BIGGEST Maizes I've ever seen! We had a blast was soo fun! :) Lots to do there...if you have one in your area, you should def check it out! A TOTAL plus to living in the country... :D

Brave explorers...

Our fearless leaders...

Isn't this beautiful??!! God did such a great job! :)

Me and my cherubs! :)


This was in the Bamboo Maize...was NOT impressed with this...nudged the kids to "cheat" and cut through the bamboo to get OUT! :D

These go-carts were awesome! Alex had a blast on them...

Chloe, a.k.a. "Mario"...needed a teeny bit of help staying on the track!! :)

ANOTHER maize...this was nuts because you could "see" where you needed to go but couldn't figure out for the life of you HOW to get there!!

Alex the "stunt-man"

I just love how this one turned out...isn't the sky beautiful?! And look at those cherub faces...sigh!

My 'baby girl'

This is my ALL time fav pict...well, so far in life! It is a perfect moment captured on film...doesn't happen often.

Yah, a hay ride and PUMPKIN pickin'...what a wonderful day!! :)

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