October 31, 2007

Nothin like good 'old' friends...

This is my dear friend, Kathryn and her daughter Acadia. I was SO happy to hear that they were going to be in MD for a few days so I zipped on down to visit a while. It has been...about 10 years since we saw each other...yes, I said TEN years! Didn't know I was that old did ya?! ;) The last time we saw each other was BEFORE she had kids and BEFORE I was married!! Wow, we had ALOT of catching up to do which can't be done in a few hours. I was soo happy that the Lord allowed a reunion for us and I look forward to another one soon!! If you're reading this...please pray for these dear friends of mine. Right now they are going through a difficult transition and could sure use all the prayer support they can get! Thanks so much!!

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