September 28, 2007

Myrtle Beach ~ The POOL!! :D

I think our favortie spot this vacation was the pool...fortunately for us, the MB Resort had a bunch of pools to pick from! The kids loved the "Kiddie Pools"...there were 2 that were about 1 ft deep so you didn't worry about them drowning! They had big buckets that filled up with water and then dumped out on them, big mushroom type waterfalls, a lazy river and another bigger pool that was about 3 ft deep so they could at least touch. Joel and I loved the oceanfront was about 3 ft deep in the shallow part but got deeper on the other end. It was SO fun!!! We had such a good time together! :D

Alex did ALOT of underwater swimming this year...he doesn't even have to hold his nose like his mother! :)

Chloe did GREAT swimming too!! She went underwater for the first time and also "swam" with her little life vest on all by herself without us holding onto her the whole time! We are so proud of our little "Fishies"! :D

1 comment:

Garden Girl said...

That is some air Alex was catching thanks to his Dad! What a toss!
Way to go Joel, he will remember how big and strong his Dad is at that moment for the rest of his life.

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