September 26, 2007

Fall Into Reading 2007 ~ My List :)

Ok, here is my (brief) Reading List...against everything within the hopeless optimist that I am...I am keeping my list short this time and will ADD to it IF I finish these! My 2 non-fiction books are ones that I have started reading and have yet to finish. My favorite Christian author is hands down, Karen Kingsbury so I have one of hers along with a secular author that I really like, Jodi Picoult. So there we go...for now! ;) Check back for my reviews if you'd like! Happy Reading, y'all! :D

A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury

Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel

Get Out of That Pit! by Beth Moore


Deena said...

Great list!

Katrina said...

It might be short, but your list looks great. And you're right, you can always add to it later. Thanks for being part of Fall into Reading!

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