August 13, 2007

My beautiful "Poser" :D

We were heading out for the day and I just wanted to grab some close ups of Chloe...since SHE is the only one who will sit still for me, I end up with more picts of her than Alex! Anyways, thought I'd put some of these on here for y'all to enjoy!


Jaci Spain said...

Hey Kar,

Love all the pictures and updates! Wow! I was so excited to find your blog. I hope ya'll are doing well. I am back in the blog/email world now that I am finally getting used to having 2. That was definitely a big adjustment the first couple months. Your kids are so beautiful. I can definitely see some of both you and Joel in them. Keep in touch!!! Love ya, Jac

theragan3 said...

love the b-n-w of coco! so good.. you should frame it!

Jaci Spain said...

Hey Kar,

I've been trying to find you on Facebook. Did you like change your name or something?:) What the heck?

Liz said...

What a beautiful sweet face! She must be such a blessing!

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