July 11, 2007

Pray for Micah, esp tomorrow!!

July 11, 2007 at 12:35 AM EDT
Sorry! The day got away from us. First, we got Micah stuck in the recliner. He squirmed off the draw sheet and the hoyer lift would'nt get close enough to the recliner and Dale and I couldn't lift him out and Luke was at football camp. So we very humbly called one of his *BEEFY football friends to help us get Micah from the recliner to the bed and we had lots of laughs. We told *Adam we were going to make him a rescue action figure. Micah is fine but who would know someones bottom could get so buried in a recliner so fast!

Dale and I ate humble pie for lunch. Then three gals, I called them Charlie's angels, came over and they helped me decorate Micah's room and do laundry, clean the frig., they read to Micah, helped us move him (NOT to the recliner), and really help me keep the momentum I had from Kara being here. She was the energizer bunny! She organized a months worth of mail, put away a months worth of laundry, did Josiah's taxes, and in her down time she cleaned the car and helped Luke make a path through his room (unfortunatey,the path is gone).

Then we had a wonderful family come and take care of Micah and Nate so we could go to a Micheal W. Smith concert. It felt wonderful to sit outside and worship and continue to look to God in the midst of our suffering. Our friends had purchased the tickets for us three months ago. And when I was calling to cancel, Josiah happened to phone first. He told me we should go and we decided to listen to Sargent Magnusson and we were very glad we did. God very much blessed our hearts.(Thanks for your wisdom Josiah) Our favorite song was "Healing Rain".

Micah's involuntary movement is increasing. His face and right arm and both legs move more frequently. We see him blink alittle also. He has a very big day tommorrow. The surgeon's nurse is coming to visit and we thank them for this huge act of kindness. Micah also will be seen for the tracheotomy and we will take the spectran bus to get there. (I wonder if they go to the mall. Dale said no they don't! ) This will be challenging for Dale and I emotionally and we ask for prayer. His appt. is at 2:05pm.

We love you all so much and thank you again for everything you are doing for us. Getting soaked in "Healing Rain" tonight!

Love, Dale and Sherrie
p.s. Sorry this did'nt keep my paragraphs.

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