July 06, 2007

Playtime with Grandma and Grandpa!

Ok, y'all...I'm pretty behind in my posting so I'm trying to "catch up" a bit! The middle of June we had a delightful visit from Joel's parents for about 2 weeks. It was GREAT and the kids were thrilled to see their grandparents again! We got to do lots of fun stuff with them and always have such a blast when they come. This day we hit the park in town and had a fun time together there...

Grandpa shows Alex how to swing! ;)

The slides were HOT baby!

A little baseball...

A little food...yummy!

This park is soo nice...it's shaded and not ever crowded and it's a park that my sister and I grew up playing at so it's pretty special (but it also makes me feel old!) :D

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