July 09, 2007

Micah updates! Keep praying!!

July 09, 2007

We’ve been home a week and Micah has been in a coma for six weeks. We continue to thank God each day that we can trust Him for Micah and now care for Micah at home. A Doctor and very good friend spent 2 ½ hours with us today going over all of Micah’s needs, how we can best meet them and a course of action. He said we are doing a very good job and Micah looks great. I was so happy I did a cartwheel in the driveway when I went to get the mail. With lots of help and prayer we’re doing it!
At the same time we are caring for Micah, we can fix Nate lunch, let him have friends over and help Luke survive football camp. We are functioning as a family and learning to sacrifice our own needs for each other and especially for Micah.
Psalms 97:5 has encouraged me this week. . . “The mountains melted like wax at the presence of the Lord. .At the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.” When I only look at the “mountain” that lies before us, I become very tired and discouraged. I get hung up on how fast the mountain will melt, what things we should we use to melt the mountain and how thick is the wax. But I’m realizing I just need to focus on the PRESENCE OF THE LORD, not the mountain. Only then does my anxiousness turn to peace. I only need God’s presence to face each day not answers and results.
This week Micah will have more Doctor visits, and we will use the spectran transportation system to get him there. Weds. we will visit the ENT Doctor about the tracheotomy. The surgeon’s nurse is coming Weds. Morning. Physical therapy has started, and we are setting up an appt. with Mary Freebed, the rehabilitation hospital in Grand Rapids. In the meantime. Micah still sleeps. His eyes are a lot better, there are no signs of infection, his respiratory systems gets stronger everyday, his bowels are regular and manageable. We move him from the bed to the black chair and to the recliner. I am thankful for all my CURVES workouts the passed six years!
There is a mountain of “what ifs”, but the mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord Who is present in our home and in Micah’s spirit. That familiar PRESENCE that was with us everyday Josiah was in Iraq continues to sustain us and refresh us and empower us. Thanks for faithfully walking this road with us.


July 08, 2007
Today is Sunday. Day 41 - Last night's post did not go through for some reason. Sorry. Today there was a very excellent article in the LSJ regarding Micah. Look for it in the Local News section or you can see it by going to www.lsj.com and clicking on "Local News" on the left side of the screen. Micah's article is the 2nd one.

Kara and Josiah just left about 1 hour ago. Sherrie said that she felt there were two of her(Sherries) here when Kara was around. She was a great help. Josiah played with Nate almost non-stop. I am sure he will need to get back to the Marines to get some rest! He made him two bow & arrows that shoot a long ways! Last night we all watched a movie in Micah's room and ate popcorn and ice cream! Nate loved it and so did we.

Micah was a bit "frisky" last night and we pray it continues. Do pray for his emotions and courage as he still feels pain and probably can get very discouraged day after day. We sat him up in bed this morning and he did well. He is breathing and resting comfortably in his wheel chair as I type this.

Thank you again for the ways that you minister so beautifully to all of us. Dale

July 06, 2007
It has been a restful day for Micah. He had a large number of friends come and visit him and when I saw him, he almost seemed to be enjoying himself. He seems to rest best in his wheel chair, as he has the least amount of coughing spells during the time he is there. We have learned to decipher discomfort through various facial expressions and even heart rates. It is a bit strange when you can tell your child has a temperature above normal simply by looking at his lips. I guess when you watch someone as close as we have Micah the last 5+ weeks you do pick up on a few subtle things.

I think I am beginning to realize that the biggest trial of faith is not actually during a crisis, but maybe after the crisis has gotten mundane. In the day-in and day-out rhythm of life. James say the testing of our faith produces endurance. Right now I think I would quickly choose results rather than endurance, but I am not the Teacher in this situation, rather the student. Fortunately endurance is not the final goal. God desires that we mature during this time. I hope we are. I also realize that He does not waste His "strokes", and we continue to believe in His timing for Micah.

In His Grip,

Dale (Micah's Dad)

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