May 05, 2007

Gotta love Picture People!!! :)

My sis and I took our kids to Picture People today...and boy were we happy with the turnout! They take such great pictures there and there's NO WAITING time now that they've switched over to full digital (and you can't beat their coupons for free picts). Anyways, had to POST cause they're so darn cute!!! :)


Liz said...

Hi! I found you blog through Oregon family blog a few months ago(sorry I have been a lurker :)). We went to NTBI together(I was there from fall of 97-99). You probably wouldn't remember me, I was pretty shy my first 2 semesters there. I actually think you are in some of the pictures that I have. I think maybe you graduated with my RA Holy? Not sure...anyway, I rembered you and wanted to say hi.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know your heart. You have such a beautiful family. I have been really blessed by reading here, and wanted to finally introduce myself.

A sister in Christ,

Oregon Criss's said...

Can I save your family pic so I can send it in for my fridge? I have a collage there of friends pics and it would be wonderful to add yours! No pressure though! Just a yea or nay!
And I just love the pics from Picture People- I must admit I've been a bit chicken about going there, but your pics are the second set I've seen that look great!
So glad to be hearing from you again Friend! Its crazy how one can miss someone even after a week or so of busyness :)
Love Ya Girl! Keep those beautiful pictures coming!!!!

Melissa said...

Lookin' good...actually absolutely adorable!! I haven't been to picture people, but didn't know that you could get the pix immediately so may just have to check it out. Alex looks so grown up. Can you even believe that we have boys who are almost in first grade?? *sniff, sniff It's good to know I have somebody going through it with me!

Military Mommy said...

Hi Kate! Thanks so much for the encouragement regarding the challenge. I really appreciate it so much. :)

Your kids are a-dor-a-ble! I have never used picture people but I just might have to now after seeing your wonderful pictures. They turned out perfectly!

Have a blessed day,

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