March 29, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am so thankful for ~ Books, Libraries and the Ability to Read!

Ok, it may sound a little funny...this topic of my thankfulness today but let me explain. Reading is one of my "FAVORITEST" things to do, has been since I was a little kid. I think I got this love of reading from my mom who is a LOVER of books. :) Anyways, I can get lost in a husband can vouch for that...he could talk to me and do the hula dance and I'd still be engrossed in my book! (ok, the dance might be stretching it a tad...I think I'd DEF tune in for that one!! :-) Ha!) I just LOVE to I was thinking about this and the Spring Reading Thing that I'm currently the way, I'm enjoying it thoroughly! And I thought about it today and just gave thanks to God for the blessing it is to be able to see to read. Wow, how simple is that but so many people in the world don't have that ability...either not being able to see or they haven't learned to read for themselves. What a privilege it is to read the Word of God! Also, I am so blessed to have books at my fingertips through my local library...I don't have to PAY a cent, unless I'm late. :{ How cool is that?? Our library doesn't charge to take out books, cds or movies. So whenever I want to read a book that I don't have, I can simply check my library. Man, I'd be reading so many LESS books if I had to actually buy them all!! What a blessing! How awesome it is to be able to read to my kids and instill in them the LOVE of fun! :) So my thankfulness is just simple today but WOW, I'm thrilled to have been blessed with these wonderful things. God is good y' next time you grab a book...give thanks for the privilege!


Denise said...

Nice post, bless you for sharing.

Christine said...

Hi Kate! I am another love-to-read girl. One of my biggest thrills is seeing my children (6, 4 and even the 1 year old) on the floor amongst a pile of books, just getting lost in them. Great post today!

Andrea said...

Yes, this is great. I love to read.

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