March 26, 2007

Braggin' rights :)

Ok, now y'all know that I couldn't just put ONE post on here about my new niece! Having experienced the joys of "Aunthood" all over again for the 4th time...I am still thrilled :D So here are more braggy picts of our little Aibrean...

Now if this picture don't make you say, "aaww"...something is wrong with ya!

Oh yes, BIG SMILES in "Auntie Kari-ville" this day...we went to visit Aibrean yesterday after church. It was the first time we got to hold her...unfortunately, the kids couldn't go in to see her (they were very sad) but we'll make it up to them later!! :)

And Uncle Joel even held her with a big silly grin on his face...

I just love this picture of Rachel with "'s gorgeous and peaceful! :) We are so thrilled for them!

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