February 02, 2007

Photo Friday

I wouldn't call her strange...I would call her UNIQUE! :) I love my Chloe!


marc said...

Very strange and very funny !
Great photo !
Have a nice weekend
look this blog:

tatnlace said...

What a joyous picture! It brought joy into my heart. I have read Chloe's story and was truely touched by it. Thank you so much for sharing it.

theragan3 said...

that's our girl! A bit "off" just like her momma! HA! she comes by it naturally!

Oregon Criss's said...

Cute Pic Chloe!!! Like a little bug :)
ps- you can click onto Hanne's site from my link site and that should get you to her, if not I'll email her so she can add you to her permissions list (i think its kinda like mine).

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