February 09, 2007

Congrats Pedersons!! :)

A very special CONGRATUALATIONS are in order for our lovely friends, Kyle and Jen Pederson...they welcomed their new little bundle of joy into their family!! We rejoice with them over the safe delivery of little Noah...WELCOME TO THE WORLD precious boy! :)

Noah Kai Pederson
Noah: “Rest, Peace”
Kai: “Ocean”
Born Sunday, February 4, 2007 @ 5:27 a.m.
8 Ib. 1 oz.
20 ½ inches long

He’s finally here!!! Twelve days overdue we were VERY thankful to finally be holding our baby boy in our arms. We wish we could have written you sooner but the Lord had other plans on how Noah was to enter this world.
The plan was to induce Jen Saturday evening at 6:30 if she hadn’t gone yet. Saturday morning Jen called her midwife with some concerns she had had during the night and the midwife said why don’t you guys just come in this morning and we will get this moving.
So with excitement we headed off to the hospital at 10 and they broke Jen’s water a little while later. Within 5 minutes contractions had started. It was our desire to do this birth as natural as possible. Jen didn’t have any meds during the labor but after 4 hours of pushing at the end, with no results, the midwife went to check with the doctor. The doctor decided to vacuum him out (not a pleasant thought to the both of us but he wasn’t coming.) But he couldn’t even get the vacuum attached to the head and while he was trying said that Jen’s pelvic bones were too narrow and that it would not be safe at all to try to push this baby through and that she needed a c-section. We kind of just looked at him like are you serious? After coming all this way?? But God is in control. So Noah was born by c-section, a completely healthy beautiful boy.
We can’t even describe our joy at his safe arrival and God’s safe hand in the whole process. We are so thankful for this blessing and gift from the Lord.
Jen is doing well and recovering very nicely. We just arrived home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and are trying to get some rest after 5 days of none at all!! With the weather so cold we don’t mind hunkering down inside for a bit and getting to know our little boy.
Thank you ALL for your prayers for a safe delivery and your encouragement, notes, and gifts. We have been blessed far beyond anything we could ask or think.
We appreciate each and every one of you and the part you have in our lives. Thank you for blessing us.
Amazed at his love and Rejoicing today,
Kyle, Jen, and Noah Pederson

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, congrats! Sorry about the c-section, but ... these things happen and the important thing is that mom and baby are doing well. Love from West of Mars!

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