February 06, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

So we have a little soft spot for the Colts since they used to play for Baltimore. It was so cool to watch TWO Christian coaches bring their teams to the Super Bowl!
Wide receiver #88 caught that pass meant for the Bears...how in the WORLD he kept that inbounds is beyond me!

Tony Dungy...what a testimony to the Lord...he coaches without yelling, screaming or cursing and his players play for him because they respect him instead of fearing him! WOW, job well done, Tony!

"Perhaps that's why a year ago, after the storm that was his son James' death, Dungy appeared in Detroit the day before the Super Bowl to give a speech at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast. Despite the failure of his team to get to the Super Bowl, Dungy shared his view on his son's passing, talking eloquently about the positives he took from the emotional upheaval.
"People wanted to know if he was all right," said Dungy's wife, Lauren. "They said their prayers for him and he wanted to show them he was OK … James would have wanted him to go on."
On Sunday night, after the Colts came away with the win, Dungy stood there and enjoyed the fruits of a difficult journey.
"The Lord doesn't always take you in a straight line," Dungy said. "He doesn't always take a direct path. I think he tests you sometimes to see if you're going to keep the faith and hang in there and I think we did. We did as an organization and it's just such a great feeling to get, to win this game.
"It's not the biggest thing in the world, but … it feels great.""

#26 Kelvin Hayden intercepts for a 56 yard TOUCHDOWN! :)

Quarterback #18 Peyton Manning...they said he couldn't do it...WELL??! :)

Safety Bob Sanders #21 of the Indianapolis Colts returns an interception for 38-yards...amazing play!

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