January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen (of the many) Things
I love about being a MOM! :)

*I'm privileged and honored to be a picture of how much God loves us by raising cherbs to know, love and seek HIM

*I receive snuggle hugs first thing in the morning

*I hear spontaneous "I love you-s" from my cherubs

*I get to wait at the bus stop and have a cherub run and jump into my arms

*I'm allowed to sing off key with them at night before bed

*I have the chance to learn, discover, grow and see the world from a cherubs's viewpoint every day

*I'm privileged to stay home and soak up precious moments my cherubs

*I can be their biggest FAN and CHEERLEADER

*I'm able to see their big smiles, laugh with them when they're silly, cry with them when they're sad, encourage them when they're down, cheer them on when they doubt, kiss their boo-boos, and just listen to them talk

*I'm honored to hope and dream with them about their futures

*I get to help with homework, go on fieldtrips and volunteer in his classroom

*I get to hear them pray their tender little heart-prayers

*I'm thrilled to watch them laugh, play and enjoy each other


Stacie said...

What a great TT, it's clear you really enjoy your children, and they are lucky to have you. I played too. Stacie

Lady G~ said...

LOVE your list! I too LOVE being a mom. I'm blessed with five wonderful children. :O)

Janean said...

Stopped by from Thursday Thirteen. Nice to meet you!
As a mom of four, I share your joys. Thanks for the cool post!
Have a great week.

Brinker Business said...

We are blessed to be mothers!

Butterfly Kisses said...

Thank you for visiting my site. I love this Thankful list you did. I just heard my 3 year old pray out loud, by herself yesterday and it was the cutest thing ever. She stopped, however, when I went into her room, she was all embarrassed.

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