January 04, 2007

Pray for the Knapps and Mankins!!

Hi everyone!
Just asking for prayer once again...the WORD of God is being preached to the people of Lengbati (Tobo)...pray for Jason Knapp and Chad Mankins as they bring the true light to the darkness! They are experiencing distractions, interruptions and "wiles"...pray hard for this New Tribes team! Check out their latest post at Clay Pots

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Oregon Criss's said...

your encouragement is so wonderful! it must be your spiritual gift!
i wanted to tell u that your blog is so wonderful in expanding my prayers. I feel so useful of the Lord when I have people who are desperate for Him and His works. keep them coming and I'm so thrilled to someday meet all these people and just give them a big hug! Happy Friday Friend!

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