January 16, 2007

Pooper Scoopers R Us!

For SOME strange reason the local deer population has chosen our front yard as the BEST place to eat and "deposit". Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for the kids to enjoy the front yard! So this morning we decided to take matters in our own hands and rid the yard of the poo-poo! It required a "finder", a "bag-holder" and a "scooper". :)

This is what the kids thought of the deer poo-poo! :)

Deer poo-poo = $0

Shovel = $5

Payment for poop scoopin' = $20

Time spent with kids = PRICELESS :)


Grandma said...

What a funny day! Going out to clean up after the deer. Love the comments, too. Priceless! Hope the deer get the point.
Love to you all, Grandma

David and Erin James said...

Great times! Great Pictures! like the comments too, funny and sweet.

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