January 22, 2007

1st SNOWFALL!! :)

Well Maryland finally decided to join in the Winter Festivities that are going on across the country...guess we felt left out! We only got a dusting but the kids were THRILLED this a.m...Alex had off school today and Joel was off work. So we ourselves a lovely snow day all together, which doesn't happy that often. Here's some picts...

Layered up and ready to play! I love it how it takes 20 minutes to dress them and then they are ready to come inside after only 10 minutes!! Ha!

I thought they looked so cute...what a picture, eh?

Look at that cherub face...they were SOOO happy! And it's so fun when they come in to give them Hot Chocolate to warm them up.

"Just Another Day in Paradise" y'all!! :)


J-Wall said...

How fun!! It used to take my brothers and me that long to get ready. Then once outside we'd get excited thinking about the hot cocoa. So in we'd go... where it took 2 minutes to get the snow gear off. ;)

Enjoy the snow! (We're getting rain here in TX - blech.)

David and Erin James said...

nice snow pictures, like em lots. It is so good and amazing to see Chloe out moving around in the snow- WOW! So good to see her smiles.

Jessica Marie said...

Looks like fun =) So jealous... Wish we would get snow here (some hope of that happening), it just rains. Thinking of you guys. Love, Jess

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