January 21, 2007

The Big 29!!!!!!!!! :)

Happy Birthday, Babe! :)

Today is my love's 29th Birthday! I had to write a little post for him and brag on him a bit (no, he probably won't read this). :) We met in January '97 and if you believe in love at first sight, that's what it was. Our hearts were drawn to each other almost immediately despite my efforts to play "hard to get"! :)

We were made for each other...Joel is my opposite and he completes me in every way. His strengths are my weaknesses, I admire him and respect him more than he probably knows. Joel is a faithful man, full of integrity and good character, consistent and dependable, courageous and determined. It doesn't matter to him what people think of him, he does what he believes to be right and good in his heart. He has so much to offer, a diamond in the "rough"...you gotta dig to get the real Joel, there is so much beneath the surface. I love the way he listens to me...he doesn't interrupt or talk over me and he waits until I'm done (sometimes he's so quiet I often ask if he's still listening, but he is!). Joel is quiet and thoughtful...I'm SO not quiet and I should keep my thoughts to myself more often.

He's pretty corny sometimes but oh, how he makes me laugh! I love his father-heart. Our cherubs adore him...our son idolizes him and wants to be just like him and our daughter has him wrapped around her pinkie. :)

Most importantly, my Babe loves the Lord with all his heart! Joel keeps me on track when I'm wandering around lost and confused. Alot of times, he's the 'rock'...the steady and the calm in our family. I don't know where I'd be or what I'd do without him. I love Joel with all my heart...more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Love!!



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theragan3 said...

Hey J-Man! Happy Birthday! Granted I don't love you like Kar does but I do love you like my brother! I'm blessed to have you in our family. So glad that God brought you to Kari and to us. Praying this year brings you all the things God has for you... that you see HIM in everything and that you grow in your love for HIM.
Love you man!

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