January 13, 2007

7 more days of Bible Teaching in Tobo!!! Pray!

Hi y'all!

Just got off of Jason and Kellie Knapps' blog...if you have a quick minute today, PLEASE check it out! These guys only have 7 more days of teaching left---they will be covering some of the most important lessons in the Chronological Bible teaching (New Tribes Mission)! Please pray for the Knapps and Chad and Janeen Mankins...as they finish up this section and prepare for some "resistance", etc. These are exciting days as this team has the blessed opportunity to share God's Word in the people's heart langauge and God's love and provision with the Tobo people...the very thing the team has worked for years to do! For such a time as this...
Pray like crazy as the Lord brings these guys to your minds...thanks so much!!!!

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