December 22, 2006

What God wants for Christmas :)

This was a really neat Christmas tradition we started this's called "What God Wants for Christmas" and it's put out by Family Life. It's a little kid proof Nativity...each night for 7 nights the kids get to open little boxes/presents and set up a piece of the Nativity. It leads up to the 7th night when the kids open the last present and in the bottom of the box is a they see that what God wants for Christmas is THEM!!! :) It's really a neat thing...comes with a little booklet that tells a "story" about each person in the Nativity. Anyways, we like it and thought we'd share it with you. You can order it from Family Life for next year or guess what? I also saw it for sale at Walmart! Go figure!! MERRY CHRISTMAS y'all!! :)

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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea! And how cute is the pic of the two of them hugging?!?! Thanks so much for putting it on the blog. I love the photo of you and The Prince in the garden. Wasn't that a wonderful time of day? Great memory!
Love you whole-a-butz,

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