December 20, 2006

UPdate on April Markley! :)

Hey again!

I was SOOOO blessed to "find" my dear friend, April, online today and was able to chat with her for a bit! :) Coolness!! She is doing GREAT...on Saturday she is at 34 weeks which is considered the "safe zone" for pregnancy, etc. PRAISE THE LORD!! Thank you SO much for praying for these dear ones! They have been blessed with a bigger apartment (with 2 bedROOMS) to stay there in Australia and have been able to visit with other missionaries who are in and out there too. Praise God for bringing friends alongside the Markelys to break up some of their "alone time". Continue to pray for good health for April and for Baby...also for April as she continues to homeschool Jordan! Pray for Jeremiah...that he would feel settled there and be encouraged in language study...PRAISE for him being such a big help to April! :) Pray for these dear ones with Christmas far from home (both of them) and family and friends. Pray that our loving heavenly Father would bless them abundantly and fill up the missing holes and be their SOURCE for all things...surrounding them with His love and peace and contentment. Pray for the extra finances they need to stay in this really expensive country and for all the medical bills that pile up when you're pregnant!
THANK YOU isn't enough for being open to the Father to bring Jeremiah, April, Jordan, Judah and Baby Markley to your minds and hearts to PRAY!!! How beautiful is the Body of Christ!
(p.s. April has not sent me a pict of her preggo self I have nothing to put on here! That stinker!! :)

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