December 15, 2006

Alex's FIRST field trip!! :)

Recently I had the privilege of joining Alex on his first field trip with his kindergarten class (and 3 other classes)! We went to the Herr's Potato Chip factory in PA, just over the line from MD. It was WAY fun and me and the other moms had a good time trying to keep the kids "together"! Ha, yeah right! :) The kids seemed to like the factory but the BEST part was the free samples of fresh warm potato chips...Oooh baby! Thought I'd share some pictures from our fun day together!

My little man isn't so little any more...where did my baby go?? :)

Alex with his friends at lunch...Tyler (his best bud) is on the left of Alex and then at the bottom are Jonathon and Porter. It was a wicked fast and out!!

Alex's kindergarten class...looking so cute in their orange hats (so we can find them)!

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Grandma said...

Hi Alex,
Field trips are so much fun. I'm glad your mom got to go and so glad you have made some good friends in school. I know you are a good friend to them, too.

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