November 11, 2006

Therapy Girl! :)

Nancy, Chloe's physical therapist, comes three times a week to work with Chloe on getting used to walking with her new leg. This particular day was BEAUTIFUL outside and we had to soak up some sunshine while it lasted. Chloe did FANTASTIC on the different surfaces and textures outside...basically, you can't tell her she can't do something. She is a super determined little thing and that will come in handy at times and be a struggle at times. Pray that she doesn't overdo it and do more harm to her skin than good. Pray for wisdom for us to know when to let her FLY and when to slow her down!!

She was CRUISIN'...and it was hard for us to catch up with HER!! :)

It's been four long months for Chloe since she's been able to freely explore outside...she was loving it this day! It was SO good for our hearts to see her this happy...what a treat! :)

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Enjoy this little video and watch Chloe GOOOOO!!! :)


Walter & Hanne Deleu said...

Your family is SO special! I love reading your updates and seeing your beautiful pictures!! Thanks Car, for your SWEET comments and visits. I love being in touch through the blog world. Love to all of you today!!!
Because of Christ's love :)

Oregon Criss's said...

I just LOVE the video's of your kiddo's...would you mind writing me when you find the time, and telling me how to do that on my blog?
you are wonderful and I just wish I could squeeze those adorable wee one's of your's!
How's Joel's schooling going? We've been praying for you a'll!
Love ya Girl!

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