November 07, 2006

Special Delivery 4!! :)

Us four...heading into a new phase of life! :) God is GOOD!

We wanted to get a picture of us together, limbs and all (cept you can't see Chloe's new leg)...oh well! :) We haven't taken many family pictures and it was time!

There is no caption needed for this picture...

By the end of our 1 1/2 hour appointment/PARTY...Chloe was walking on her OWN without holding on and without help! She and Alex were THRILLED to be playing and walking and dancing together side by side!! It was an AWESOME day...THANK YOU for praying, y'all! :)


Micah and Kara Plimpton said...

These pictures brought tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts. You guys have been such an encouragment to us, seeing you reach out to HIM every step. We love you all.
Micah and Kara

Kari said...

Thanks Kara and Micah!
We love you guys too and hope to SEE y'all one day soon!!!!

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