November 08, 2006

Sooo, what's next??

I'm sure y'all might be wondering what is up next for our I thought I'd explain a few things about where we're headed from here. Nancy, Chloe's physical therapist, is working with her 3 times a week. Because she hasn't walked in 4 months, Chloe's hip and quad muscles are weak and need to be strengthened. So Nancy will work with her on some activities and movements and helping her to learn new habits of walking, etc with her new leg. Also, the prosthetist (Mary) has given us a "break in" schedule for the wearing of Chloe's leg. Because the skin on her leg is like brand new baby skin, we have to gradually ease her into wearing the leg. So for starters, she is able to wear the leg just 30 minutes 2 times a day. This is so the skin has a chance to "toughen up" and not develop any blisters, etc. For those of you who know Chloe, this is a difficult thing...since the girl does NOT want to take the leg OFF at all!!! :) This is a good thing however, she has to take it easy so that she doesn't have any set backs with the prosthesis. She is a determined little girl, which is an excellent quality...but one we have to "guide"! ;) Chloes goes back to see Mary in 2 weeks for a check up. We will gradually increase the amount of time she is able to wear her leg building up to the day when she'll be able to wear it ALL DAY! :)
I have to tell you that seeing Chloe walking around on two legs with a BIG SMILE on her face has been the highlight of the YEAR for us! Last night, Joel and I just stood and watched her walk around with amazement...with big smiles on our faces we talked about how wonderfully made Chloe is by GOD. All honor and glory for all that has taken place in our lives and in Chloe's life is TO HIM and HIM ALONE!! It's not about us or's about Him.
So REJOICE with us over this NEW BIRTH for Chloe...we are thrilled to pieces and bursting with pride over our little one. THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for your many prayers and encouraging words...keep praying! Chloe still needs them! :)
We love you and thank our Father God for each one of you!!
Love for us 4,


Walter & Hanne Deleu said...

These words and pictures are just SO beautiful..they blessed my day and brought such a smile to my face!!!! All GLORY and HONOR to our FATHER!!! I'm SO thankful for His faithfulness and His grace and how it's just been so evident in your lives! Thanks for letting Him give you joy and peace and letting Him SHINE through you!!!Much love to Chloe girl, she is just amazing and so beautiful :) I love how she is so determined too :) Have a wonderful day, guys!

Ann Carlton for The Carltons said...

Congratulations, Chloe! God has "GIVEN US A LEG UP" ("helped us to mount up or advance" in the Lord) through you because you (and your Dad and Mom through this Blog, and your Grandpa and Grandma through their reports) have encouraged us in the Lord and in His lovingkindness and faithfulness to answer our prayers for you! We praise God for you! Now - "SHAKE A LEG" to let Jesus continue to shine through you always! God bless you and your family!

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