November 29, 2006

School Days :)

Alex's first School Picture...isn't he cute??!! We think so! Our hearts are filled with joy over this precious and tender boy that God has blessed us with. We know that they are only little for a while so we are trying to soak up all the moments we can! Thought y'all would like to see this picture so I'm sharing it with you!! :)

Alexander Thomas Schmidt 2006


Jessica Marie said...

That sure is one handsome little man!

Kara and Micah Plimpton said...

He is so cute! He reminds me of some other pictures I have seen of another little boy... :)
Hope you guys are all doing well. We miss you and pray that one-day soon we would get to see you all again. FL is a wonderful spot to visit in the winter!!!

Micah and Kara

David and Erin James said...

Sooo handsome. Love his little smile in this picture. Probably used to mommy behind the camera not some stranger eh!

The pics of the kids and the tree are so great. Especially Alex and Chloe cuddling. So sweet.

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