November 19, 2006

Prayer Request...

Please pray!! Just received this update from Edwin and Liz Borbe about my dear friend April Markley...this is the update from Borbe's blog...

We ask you to pray for our family, Edwin's older sister, April and her husband Jeremiah and two sons, Jordan and Judah. April and Jeremiah are missionaries with New Tribes Mission and are working among the Dinagant tribal people of Papua New Guinea. April is 29 weeks pregnant and within the last 24 hours has had to pack up the family and leave their tribal location by emergency medical transportation, a small plane, by orders of the Mission doctor there in PNG.
After viewing an ultrasound along with other signs of complications, April along with her family are now in Cains, Australia at a hospital awaiting instructions from the doctor as to what she should do. The baby IS FINE and healthy and April is doing OK. She called us last night from Australia and sounded very peaceful knowing that God is in control of her health and the baby's. They need to make a descision as to whether or not she will be able to travel back to PNG and continue in her pregnancy there, stay in Australia, (which is equipped with all the medical equipment needed for mom and baby) or fly home to America and be near a large hospital ready and equipped to care for the baby if born early.
The reason for April's sudden trip to Australia is due to the lack of emergency medical equipment in PNG. She is for now settled in at the hospital there in Cains. April's placenta is detaching and with that comes decisions, as I wrote, in regards to what they should do for both Mom and Baby's safety and for the family as a whole.
We LOVE them all so very much and our hearts long for them to come home, to be near us so that we can help with the boys and help in any other ways possible. We want them near to support and love on them. But, God has them miles away from us during this time, to grow us in our faith, to entrust their family to His precious HAND in complete control of the situation.
Please PRAY for wisdom in decision making and for guidance in the doctor's advice to them. They are great examples of TRUST in God and we praise Him that they cling to God for strength. Join us in uplifting them before the Lord during this time. As soon as we know any more in regards to their plans, we will let you all know.

Thanks so much for your prayers on this dear family's behalf!!

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Life full of blessings said...

HI Kari, thanks so much for praying! I have a number for you to call the Markleys in Aust.
I tried emailing you, but it was returned?? So here it is:
They are at: Cairns Private Hospital
LOVE ya, I know April would love to hear your voice!! :)

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