November 29, 2006

O Christmas Tree

A big family highlight every year is the trek we make out to a Christmas Tree high and low, find the perfect tree and CUT 'ER DOWN! It was so FUN for the kids this year and well, yes us adults enjoy it too (my dad tries at least! :) It was a bit odd to be cutting down a tree in long sleeve weather but we enjoyed a beautiful day together!!

Us in front of the "perfect tree"

My dad (Paul) and Chloe...who would have thought?? The ground was really bumpy at this farm and full of vines that like to trip anyone. Chloe stomped around there like a trooper with no problems! We are ever amazed at the precious little ones God has given us!

Aaww, what a cute little snow-family, don't ya think?! ;)

How many family members does it take to cut down a Christmas tree?? SIX...1 to saw, 1 to advise, 2 to watch and 2 to take pictures!!!!!!! Ha! :)

Me and my boy...what a fun memory filled day it was!

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