November 29, 2006

Little Thanksgiving Helpers! :)

It must be the age now but Alex and Chloe LOVE to HELP!!! I mean, they LOVE IT! Nothing makes them happier than being given a job and being able to do it and be a part of the hubub of family. It's pretty cool actually and fun to find them "kid-sized" jobs. They've been SO stinking excited about holidays. Thanksgiving being a big one! They were such big helpers this year, I had to share some picts! :)

A little love in the kitchen! ;)

Pattin' dry "George" the turkey...good thing baking gets rids of ALL germs! Ha! :)

Some CHEESE for the camera...

Chloe...what a BIG GIRL helper...she helped Mimi peel TONS of potatoes! That's not easy and NO BLOOD from knicked fingers!! :)

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