November 27, 2006

Chloe's checkup :)

Hi y'all!
Just wanted to post a little update about how our Chloe is doing! She had a checkup with Mary (the prosthetist) last Monday and it went really well. :) Mary said Chloe is doing fantastic and is ahead of "the book" on what a typical child's response to a prosthesis would be. So they increased the amount of time she is "allowed" to wear her leg from 2 hours twice a day up to 4 hours twice a day for a week! This is GREAT news!!! :) Chloe was starting to fight me whenever I said we needed to take the leg off and give it a rest, she would cry and beg me to leave it on saying that she couldn't walk without it. Ugh, talk about tough! It would break my heart to make her take it off but I had to knowing that it was for her best and to keep her leg healthy and doing well. But now it's a little easier...basically she puts it on whenever she feels like it in the a.m. and then we take it off when she takes a nap and then when she gets up, we put it back on til bedtime. It's WONDERFUL!!!!
Today starts the second week where Chloe can wear her leg 5 hours twice a day...this gives her basically more freedom where we don't have to watch the time so much. If her leg does well this week, they will let her wear it as much as she likes! We haven't seen Chloe this happy for a while and it's so awesome to see how our heavenly Father has brought her along. We can say, it's not about's about GOD and how faithful and good He is, even when it doesn't look like it! Please pray for Chloe...pray that she continues to have that spunky and determined spirit to learn to walk in her new leg. Pray that her leg and the skin grafts continue to hold up well and that the skin will toughen up, no sores will crop up, etc. Pray for wisdom for us as we watch over her and check her leg, etc. Pray for continued strength buildup in her muscles that haven't been used for a while! THANK YOU SO MUCH, we covet your prayers and appreciate them and Y'ALL so very much!! Love to you!
Wanted to share some cute pictures of that day...I might have more from my mom's camera but here's some for starters! :)

Chloe is still fascinated with the fact that when she looks down...there are TWO feet!
Praise the Lord!!! We were able to find cute knit outfits at Target that fit her leg (the tighter fit cotton won't stretch over her knee cap)!

My little sweetie-pies, where would I be without her??!! :)

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Grandma said...

How cute is that!! What a sweet smile on our girl's face. We continue to marvel at God's love and grace in your lives. We praise Him for all He is and is doing.

All my love, Grandma

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