September 27, 2006

Smooth Sailing!! :)

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who prayed for Chloe on Wednesday for her prosthetic appt!!! Praise the Lord all went wonderfully and Chloe was perfectly calm and comfortable with "Miss Mary"! :) Please forgive the fact that these pictures are out of order...I have no clue why they do that when I upload them (if anyone has an idea, let me know!) Ok, so here goes...

Fourth step...put the plaster on, Mary let Chloe "help" much fun gettin messy! :) Notice they gave me a gown, ALL pink...aren't we color coordinated??! :)

Third step...Mary took measurements of her leg and then drew pretty pictures on the gauze for Chloe!

1st step...get into the Dr's office!

Fifth step...take the cast off, oooo cool!! That mold will help them make the socket for Chloe's NEW LEG!!! Whahoo! :)

Second step...Mary rolled the silicone liner up over Chloe's leg (that's the blueish thing)...with a little plastic wrap and gauze to help the cast come off smoothly when it hardened.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Praise God!!

I love that picture of the two of you (1st step). Two beautiful people =Þ


David and Erin James said...

Good Job Chloe! I just showed emma the pictures and she is excited too that soon chloe will have a new foot:) So glad the day went well. Love you guys!

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