September 28, 2006

Little Miss Innocent

What? I didn't do that...Alex did it!! :)
I've learned the hard way that when my little "angel" girl Chloe is in another room and is QUIET...something very BAD is going on!!! :) We had a lovely little gift package sent to the kids and it was still sitting out in the a.m. I guess Chloe was a little bored so she decided to make beautiful artwork...on herself, the coffee table and the carpet! Oh dear. I love those Crayola Color Wonder markers but they kinda make kids think that ALL markers color only on those special books. Oops! :)


David and Erin James said...

A few weeks ago emma came and told me that Josiah was doing something bad in their room. when I went to see it I could see that it wasn't just josiah that had done something bad because the colouring on the bunk bed contained a few words like Emma and Love. I couldn't believe that she thought I wouldn't know she did it. She didn't think about the fact that only she can print:)!!! funny.
hope it comes out of the carpet. Mr Clean magic eraser things work great on furniture and walls etc. but i don't think so good on carpet.

Oregon Criss's said...

Hi Kari,
I dread those 'silent' times too :) but you gotta admit she is just way too darn cute!
I swear by Mr. Clean...just not quite sure what does work on carpet. Thanks for the Thursday morning chuckel!
ps- the farmers check your blog thru mine :)
I'll pass on your hello!

Anonymous said...

always the innocent one eh? sounds like another 2nd born that I know... passin' the blame! :)
love you bunches!

Kari said...

Too funny!! :) Gotta watch those firstborns! (ha ha ha, I'm secondborn, can ya tell? :p :) Thanks for the was so bad I had to throw the carpet away! Oh dear...good thing grandparents are so forgiving!
Love to you!

Kari said...

Now you KNOW that firstborns are ALWAYS to blame!! You're the best...I love you, even when you're "bossy"!! :)
Love you always,

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Been there, done that with my little 'angel' a few years back!!!:)
Could you, Kari, get anymore gorgeous?? Chloe sure got a good set of genes!!! :) What a beautiful mother-daughter and Chloe and you and "Mimi" awesome to have your mom with you every step of the way for support!
Love you so much and am 'hooked' on following your blog! Les

Anonymous said...
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Kari said...

You're so sweet...stop it with the compliments, you're making me blush!!! :) Ha! So good to hear from you, my friend! My mom has been my "wing-man" for sure...what would I do without her? God knew I needed a sidekick! Glad you can keep up to date with the blog...when are YOU gonna do one?? :)
p.s. could your little Karis get any cuter??

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