September 21, 2006

Gotta love the color of small towns!! :)

This past Sunday found us enjoying the fun times of living in a small town. Bel Air had it's annual Festival of the Arts and we had SUCH a good time together enjoying local artists, musicans and craftsman. It was a beautiful fall day to enjoy this long standing tradition of my family!

This is my sister, Erinn, with her little guy, Abraham! He is getting SOO big..."Babe-a-ham" will be turning the big #1 in November!! :) We are so proud of him and what a big boy he is now!

Abraham is ALL smiles, what a happy and sweet boy he is! :)

My parents...a VERY proud Mimi and Gdad!

Us mom always finds some cool little thing to buy for Erinn and I...this year for me it was an awesome piece of original pottery and for Erinn it was a handmade flower holder. Special little mementos of our sweet times together! :) I love you Mama, you're the BEST!!!

Sisters and Best Friends...don't know what I'd do without ya, Rinny!! :) Love you!

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Anonymous said...

send me these pics!!
so good... esp the one of us.
you are the best!

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