August 04, 2006

What's better than Dora cake, presents and family?!!

Everybody celebrating with Chloe...missing from the picture are Mimi, Uncle Mike, Abraham...and of course, Uncle Derek and Aunt Sarah who are in Indonesia!

There's the Party Baby...9 months old! :)

Chloe the comedian...back to making us roll with laughter! :)

Dig in baby!!

Chloe loved her Dora party and Dora cake...a dear friend from church offered to make her cake for me and she did a FAB job!! It was such a cool cake, Chloe thought it was the neatest thing!

Having fun blowing bubbles after the party...

Ah, the four of us...that was the greatest gift! What a blessing our children are...3 wonderful years we've been blessed with our spirited little Chloe! She is a treasure and a delight!

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