August 04, 2006

Pictures from the hospital

This was the day Alex came for a visit...we met him in the playroom and he and Chloe had a great time together! Then Alex wanted to see "her room" so we headed back and they climbed up in bed, ate lunch and watched a movie together. It was a good day for all of us! They didn't want to leave each other.

This was Chloe's "ride" in the hospital...she loved riding around in the wagon and it worked perfectly for keeping her leg straight and elevated. Here she's in the playroom checking things out.

This was when she was in the Intermediate Care unit...with Cheer Bear from Papa and Alex.

The child life counselor thought it was good to take pictures of us to send home to Alex, since he was missing us so much. Here Chloe was having a good day and the nurse had let her hold the temperature taker. We had the tech on the floor braid Chloe's hair after we washed it. It was a big rat's nest from her laying on it for so long. Everyone loved her new hairdo...even Dora! :)

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