June 28, 2006

Time for birthday presents!

Who doesn't love CHOCOLATE cake?? :)

Us and our big birthday boy!

Oh yes, Alex is a big fan of Home Depot...he got a chainsaw and weed eater and was in "boy heaven"!!

He also got a real tool set!

And a Pirate sword...ok, I don't know what in the WORLD my parents were thinking! Ha! :)


Oregon Criss's said...

I peeked at your blogspot from Derek and Sarah's and wanted to let you know that our family is praying fervently for yours!
I was at NTBI in Jackson from 98-00 (Debi Carlton - sister of Jeremy Carlton). I was also good friends with Karen and Timmy Moonsammy and have tried contacting them since our time there, but to no avail! They were such wonderful friends back at our NTBI days! Now I am Debi Criss and live in Cornelius Oregon. I have 2 little boys (ages 4 and 6)- their real dad is Bill Westenbarger, but he has not been a part of their lives since '01. I have since remarried my high school best friend and we are quite happy! :)
I know you have lots on your mind and heart right now - but isn't Christ wonderful!!! How difficult our lives would be without Him to lean on!!!
Praying for you all!!!

Oregon Criss's said...

I just wanted to pass along that our family is praying for yours. I peeked at your blog from Derek and Sarah's.
I was at NTBI in Jackson from 98-00 (Debi Carlton - sister of Jeremy Carlton (if you knew him)).
I enjoyed looking at your pics- I also walked for March of Dimes (both my boys were preemies - Wyley was 28 weeks and Kaleb was 30 weeks) Now they are 4 and 6 and doing wonderfully!
I was thrilled to see pics of Karen and Timmy Moonsammy on your site. They were good friends of mine back in 99-00 at NTBI. I haven't found a way to contact them since, but its wonderful to know that you also got to enjoy them.
We'll continue praying for you and Chloe! God is good though! Many times He has delivered me and it just makes me appreciate and worship Him for who He is - all the more! Keep the hope and remember that God made kids incredibly resiliant ( Wyley has had 23 surgeries and you would never guess!)

Oregon Criss's said...

sorry for the double comments. I guess it would have helped if I'd read the top of the page where it said that you read it then decide if it gets published (its my first time encountering that :)

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