June 10, 2006

More dear friends!

Andrew and Ruth Murray...our sweet English friends! They worked in a tribal location for many years in the Sepik region and moved to the Madang region about 6 months before we left. Andrew is the language consultant and is excellent at what he does (he's a genius)! They were also such a source of encouragement to Joel and I in the time we got to know them. Ruth was such a gracious and caring friend, her house was always open to us...and their porch was always available to sit and chat and have a cup of tea. :) Andrew's famous greeting is "Oi" and we still use it and remember them fondly. Our lives were enriched by these dear friends!

This is Kyle and Jen Pederson. Kyle is the builder for the Madang base and Jen is the housing co-ordinator which includes the ever popular guesthouse! Joel had the privilege of working with Kyle and was so encouraged by his heart for the people and the work God had called them to. If you spend any time around Jen, you will be blessed by her sweet servant's heart. She does the jobs no one else wants to and with a smile. Kyle and Jen even make trips into the bush locations to help out the missionaries with building their houses and any other odd jobs they need help with. Everyone who has them out to their location is blessed by them! They were our neighbors when we lived in the first house on base and Jen and I enjoyed many heart to heart visits and yelling from porch to porch to each other. :) We love these guys are so blessed by knowing them!

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