June 11, 2006

Last Sunday in Madang...Dec 2005

We were so blessed to have this as the view from our back porch...to wake up every morning and see this was incredible! God constantly used the rugged beauty of this country to remind us that even though things in our lives at times seemed like they were falling apart and "out of control"--our faithful Father was still the blessed controller of all things and He was working things out for our best and His glory! The time we spent in Madang was the most rewarding, stretching, fun and memorable time of our lives. It is our prayer that as the Father continues to lead us along in the path of life He has planned for us, that we may be open vessels through which He can bless, encourage, challenge and love those around us.

Alex and Chloe had nothing but big smiles on our last Sunday in Madang (we left Dec 16th)! We praise the Lord for His amazing grace and peace that covered us all during the process of selling and packing our belongings and getting ready to fly home. He truly covered our kids and made the transition from Madang to home smooth for them! Alex especially stills talks about Madang and his friends there, we know he still misses them very much!

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