June 10, 2006

Last dinner out with friends

Ah, what a cute couple! :) What a blessing our friendship with Timmy and Karen is...a true God send for us while we were in Madang--and even now. They are our best friends and became family to us and even our kids. We were privileged to partner with them and privileged to know them and be friends with them! For the time being, they are in Trinidad working as representatives for NTM.

What a beautiful view...this was at the Madang Lodge, a resturant right on the ocean. Madang has the most picturesque coastline we've ever seen! This was a bittersweet night for us, it was our last dinner out with Moonsammys (without kids :) and we were soon to leave Madang. We were excited to be going home but so sad to leave our new home and dear friends.

Good friends are always together in spirit!

Ok, this is Timmy with his "baby"...I have to put this in here cause it's so stinking funny! :) Timmy loved this car, and we affectionately called it the "antichrist" because of the movie, 'the gods must be crazy'. It took us many many places and was a cruising machine. When we sold our little Nissan, Timmy was kind enough to let us borrow the antichrist and catch rides with them. :) It was a sad day when the big man of the area drove off with it after buying it from Timmy.

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