June 09, 2006

Home away from home...Family away from family

This is Kathy, Lawrence's sister...working hard to prepare a meal for us.

Lawrence enjoying the new camp chair we gave him when we left. Having something to sit on is a pretty big deal to them, they spend alot of time on the ground or something hard and uncomfortable. It was pretty cool seeing him excited over something we could give him, for a change!

Just us, two women from completely different worlds, language and culture...yet loving each other as friends. Lucy was my best friend over there and I miss her so much...her laughter, her wisdom, her caring and her eagerness to learn about us and our culture. I don't know if I'll ever see her again on this earth, but I pray that I'll see her one day in heaven. That I have to leave in God's hands alone.

Me with Maria, another of Lawrence's sisters. She actually was there when we first started going to Rivo but then moved down to Lae (about 5 hours away from Madang). Then when Papa Lawrence passed away, she came back and stayed with Lawrence and Lucy.

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