June 22, 2006

Aunt K loves Abraham!

Just hanging out with "my boy"...I LOVE being Abraham's Aunt K...it is an incredible bond that I have with him. Every time I see him, I see my sister! I now know what Erinn felt for 5 years about my little ones!

Abe's getting to be such a BIG BOY now!! He's 8 months old now and he's learning how to lay on his belly and keep his head up. The other day he rolled from belly to back for the FIRST time! He's doing everything he should be at his age (the Dr actually subtracts 2 months from his age and that is the age they look at for certain milestones). Abraham is a VERY happy baby and the joy of our family's hearts! I tell Erinn how "spoiled" she is to have him!! :) It's a blessing to have Abe in our family!

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