May 28, 2006

Around Madang town

Where we filled up on gas...1 of 3 gas stations in town

Brian Bell...our favorite store! It's Australian owned and you can buy alot of "Western" type things like fishing equipement, furniture, appliances, dishes, etc. Plus the store was AIR CONDITIONED and it was such a welcome relief from the heat outside! :)

This is kinda one of the main roads in town with stores on both sides and the market around the corner

Just some more stores. Took this picture from the parking lot of the Pharmacy we usually bought our medicines, etc from.

The Air Nugini office...yes, this is where we bought our plane tickets to go home (both times)!! :) It killed us that the most expensive part of our tickets was trying to get out of Madang! This airline had monopoly on the traffic out of the country.

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