April 29, 2006

The new "STAR" of our show!! :)

Can you tell that we LOVE our little nephew/cousin, Abraham? :) Yes, he is the delight of our entire family...we love to shower him with our kisses and hugs! He is a precious miracle, a gift from God to our family. Alex and Chloe "fight" over who gets to hold Abraham first...and I have to compete with my mom to hold him as well! :) We are privileged to help out my mom as she watches Abraham full time for my sister, Erinn. He is affectionately called "Babe-a-ham" by us all...what a bright spot in our day!!

1 comment:

theragan3 said...

I love my cousins Alex and Chloe SOO much! And my Aunt Kari takes such good care of me too!! Uncle Joel.. well he's pretty cool too I guess :)

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