July 03, 2018

Marvelous Mettle

Mettle suggests an ingrained capacity for meeting strain or difficulty with fortitude and resilience.  (a challenge that will test your mettle)

There are many words that we use to describe our Chloe girl ❤️ The one above is a perfect one for her this year!!  

Chloe had a bunch of “firsts” beginning with attending the 1st Camp No Limits Teen Camp in Maine!  It was awesome and she is super excited to go again this summer!  She conquered some major fears and survived her first time white water rafting...during which she thought she just might die. ☺️  

She then went on to tackle the medium Ropes Course at the Maryland Camp No Limits.  CNL continues to be a place of community, encouragement, support and safety for Chloe.   

At the end of last summer, I felt like Chloe really needed an outlet, something relaxing and therapeutic. God impressed upon me to look into horseback riding lessons. A few weeks later, through a friend from church, Chloe was taking riding lessons from a dear woman who generously gives of her time and talent to teach Chloe!  It has been extremely challenging for Chloe, probably the first time she has truly struggled with her prosthetic leg doing a physical activity. So many times we forget she has anything different to deal with because she so able. But this was a real challenge, physically and mentally and emotionally. She pushes through every lesson and doesn’t give up.  She learned so much and in her own words, learned that she doesn’t have to be perfect, that she just has to give it her best! 

In the fall, Chloe began her first year of High School, how did that happen??!  Ninth grade was extremely challenging but she again and again met each hurdle head on.  Public speaking, though she says she hates it, you’d never know it to listen to her.  She rocks it every single time!! 

Chloe took on the role of Harriet in Jane Austen’s Emma for her school’s Drama Production. She was truly mesmerizing!!  

On top of her schoolwork, Yearbook Club, a large role in the school play, playing volleyball for school...She was awarded the Guardian Award for Excellence in Academics for earning straight A’s all year. We were even more proud to watch her receive the Guardian Award for Excellence in Christian Character. ❤️✝️ 

Last fall, thanks to her amazing prosthetist, Chloe took an intro scuba diving course and LOVED every minute of it!  She definitely wants to do it again, who knows? Maybe go for her diving license?!! 

Chloe loves all of the extra curricular school activities, especially the dances!! She loves dancing circles around her brother, lol!! 😉 It’s so fun to watch them do things together. ❤️ 

Our Chloe girl is a delight to our hearts, a joy and pleasure to be around. She radiates the love and compassion of Jesus. She is kind, generous, selfless, hard working, determined, pure in heart, smart, focused and loving.  Our family was complete when God gave her to us.  When I allow myself to think back to 12 years ago when we could have lost her, I am at a complete loss for words of gratefulness to God for sparing he life.  I know God’s hand is on her in a special way!  We are certain that His plans for her are so good, better than what we can imagine for her.  It is a privilege to stand back and watch her...the difficulties she faces truly test her mettle and inspire her to draw her strength from her Savior Jesus Christ, through Whom she can do all things through Him Who gives her strength!

So once again, I ask our friends and family to join us in celebrating Chloe’s Alive Day, the day God spared her life and gave her back to us! It is a day that we will never let pass without acknowledging God’s faithfulness and grace in our lives. We are so thankful for Chloe and the blessing and gift she is to us and to all who know her! God is so good, all the time God is good!

Our Chloe girl...our Vibrant Joy!

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